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Russian National Championships

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Event Date 09-09-2019
End Date 15-09-2019
Losevo, Leningrad Oblast, Russia
Losevo, Leningrad Oblast, Russia
Losevo, Leningrad Oblast, Russia

Venue Information - Losevo, Leningrad Oblast, Russia

River Vuoksa 

Always moving forward

10-16-2019 News

The World Champs of Para-Rafting are over: the RX discipline decided the first Overall Champions in history. Iarysh Denis, Potanin Viktor (RUS), Salvatore Cutaia (ITA) and Igor Bondar (UKR) confirmed the...

Gates on Dnieper river:…

10-13-2019 News

Slalom day! 8 gates in the center of Kiev selected the first Slalom Para-Rafting World Champions this afternoon. 12 teams paddled through 8 downstream and 4 upstream gates for two manches in...

The First Para-Rafting Championships…

10-11-2019 News

For the first time in Rafting history Para-athletes are competing in a worldwide Rafting Championships. Today rafters from 5 countries opened the event in Kiev with the Downriver, divided in 3...

World's best set to…

10-08-2019 News

For the first time in Rafting history Para-athletes are ready to compete at the World Championship next weekend.  Tomorrow, one year after the test event in Ukraine, rafters from Armenia, Italy...

Podiums of the Ibar…

09-10-2019 News

24 teams took part to the WRF Senior World Cup in Serbia (Zubin Potok) the first weekend of September. On Saturday morning Italy (65.23 sec), Croatia (68.67 sec) and Bulgaria (69.80...

Day one of the…

08-30-2019 News

First day of the WRF Senior World Cup in Zubin Potok: teams from Serbia, Croatia, Italy and Bulgaria arrived this morning in the North Kosovo, in the Mitrovica district, ready...

WRF reveals the new…

08-26-2019 News

On the request of the Sport Department the new Sport Rules has been approved by the WRF Executive Board after 2 months of discussion involving the 3 WRF "disciplines". The involvement...

Be young Be water…

08-04-2019 News

A special whitewater week is just finished in Aosta Valley: the river Dora Baltea, that hosted the World Junior and U23 World Championship 2018, welcommed U19 athletes from Bulgaria, Italy...

WRF organises the first…

07-09-2019 News

Be young Be water is a worldwide rafting training camp organized thanks the collaboration between F.I.Raft, W.R.F. and the Italian Society CVA (Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque SPA). From 28th July to...

The First Lady…

06-26-2019 News

2 weeks after the World Championship 2019 in Tunceli, the local governor Tuncay Sonel confirms that the project Zero Waste, completely supported by the Turkish First Lady Emine Erdoğan, has been...

Brazil and Russia triumph…

06-15-2019 News

  Brazil and Russia triumph at the Worlds titles. Chile and Italy make progress, but the revelation crew of 2019 is Kazakhstan. On 11th June the Munzur river hosted the RX for women...

Brazil and Russia take…

06-10-2019 News

Brazil and Russia are officially the first winners of the World Rafting Championship 2019! The Tunceli downriver took place this morning in the upper section of the river where 3 teams...

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