Following the project of the ICF International Canoe Federation we have created some games too for our younger rafters

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic were felt by all, but perhaps the most affected by the changes of this period were the kids. This is the reason why - while we all wait to be able to go back to the river to have fun we can spend some carefree moments playing these little games.

Click on the files below to find free activities and game to keep you entertained until you are allowed outside again. You can work online or print, share the result using our tag #WorldRafting - we would love to see the result.
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We will be adding new levels and new activities regularly, so don't forget to bookmark this page and come back!
Rafting Game: Word Search - Find all the words in the list!
Rafting Game: Connect the Dots - Connect all the dots following the numerical order!
1st Level2nd Level / 3rd Level / soon
Rafting Game: Spot the Difference - Find all the missing elements!
1st Level2nd Level / 3rd Level / soon
Rafting Game: Color the World Rafting Logo - Color our river logo as you like and send it to us!
1st Level2nd Level / 3rd Level / soon

Stay informed about upcoming events all the time!

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