World Rafting is delighted to announce the nominees for the World Rafting Athletes & Coach of the Year 2021.

The World Rafting Awards will recognise athletes who have performed at the highest level across the year, taking into account not only the Senior World Championships, but also the national events.

"The Awards  will celebrate the achievements of sportsmen and women and their impact on society - Danilo Barmaz, WRF President said - We do recognise that rafters in some parts of the world faced greater challenges than others in accessing international competition this year".

Voting procedure for 2021 World Rafting Athletes & Coach of the Year 2021

The World Rafting Family and fans can vote online via the World Rafting website and platform.

Voting will close on 31 January 2022.

The best Athletes and Coach of the Year will be announced on 10 February.



WRF Awards 2021 1


The finalists are:

  • Matias Maximiliano Cordero (ARG)
  • Pedro Aversa (BRA)
  • Zeno Martini (ITA)
  • Cyril Audoit (FRA)
  • Sebastián Chacon (COL)
  • Marko Manojlović (MNT)
  • Luka Palčič (SLO)
  • Franco Javier Gomez Rodriguez (CHI)
  • Isaac Camilleri Liberto (MLT)
  • Ivo Kisyakov (BUL)
  • Geri Spathara (ALB)
  • Nikita Zhuravlev (RUS)
  • Viktor Kveták (SVK)
  • Aydin Aksoy (TUR)
  • Manuel Bufalino (BEL)


2021 Awards 2


 The finalists are:

  • Louise Grigny (FRA)
  • Zoya Karadachka (BUL)
  • Nina Šuchová (SVK)
  • Francesca Leonardi (ITA)
  • Jenita Gobel (NRD)
  • Nicole Plagemann (CHI)
  • Deniz Dinler (TUR)


2021 Awards 3 

The finalists are:

  • Rodrigo Toledo (CHI)
  • Massimo Giandinoto (ITA)
  • Benjamin Pillerault (FRA)
  • Riccardo Novella (ITA)


2021 Awards 4


 The finalists are:

  • Savaş Izmirli (TUR)
  • Tomislav Crnković (HRV)
  • Freddy Hernando Merchan (COL)
  • Andrea Gatti (ALB)
  • Medhi Deguil (FRA)
  • Paolo Benciolini (ITA)
  • Rastislav Zbořil (SVK)
  • Simon Bobnar (SLO)


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