World Rafting Federation, with the collaboration of its stakeholders, has launched a joint fundraising appeal to help our Ukrainian friends and members.

A first donation from World Rafting has been done on 3 march 2022 to Ukrainian Rafting Federation directly to the Ukrainian Rafting Federation. But it’s just the first step.

I do not know about tomorrow but your support will help us to buy food and water. Sometimes it is not possible to reply at once due to absent of light and internet” said the President Bakanychev.

Your help is invaluable to our friends in Ukraine.

"We condemn war in all its forms and aim to support the Ukrainian rafting community in any way we can; our focus remains the wellbeing of our athletes”, says the Board of Directors “Sport has the power to unite the world. We must use our position to send a strong message of peace”.

The WRF Board of Directors unanimously invite to all Affiliated Members to share this initiative.

"We are in touch with both President Oleksandr Bakanychev and General Secretary Tatyana Kulbaka about how we can coordinate aid so that it can directly cover the needs of the rafting family" says the WRF President Barmaz "The situation is critical, we are working with them to guarantee their safety and help them in the best possible way. But we need the support from our amazing community".


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Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on 2nd March 2022 the Board of Directors met to discuss the breach of the Olympic Truce by the Russian government and the government of Belarus, deciding to suspend from competing at any event the Russian and Belarus Federations until further notice. Read more

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