The spotlight is currently shining on the Asian continent as it hosts the first international competition of the year!  The WRF Asian Championships 2024, Satluj Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India; held from March 3rd to March 9th in the breathtaking backdrop of India's Himalayan foothills, this event promises a week of adrenaline-pumping action and intense competition. See the official sport programme below.




March 4th: Welcome to the Himalayas

  • Participants' Arrival at Hotel Koti Resort (transport included from Delhi Airport for all the teams)
  • Accreditation Procedures for Teams
  • Flag Parade in Shimla
  • Opening Ceremony at HPTDC Hotel Peterhof, Shimla

March 5th: Getting Ready for Action

  • Downriver Official Training 
  • Rx Qualifications Race 

March 6th: The Overture

  • Downriver Race
  • Slalom Official Training

March 7th: Navigating the Rapids

  • Slalom Race

March 8th: A Grand Finale and Farewell

  • RX Knockout Phase Race
  • Official Closing Ceremony 
  • Departure


Sutlej 06


We remind everyone the deadline to register:

Numeric Entries: February 10th, 2024

Nominal Entries via WRF Platform: February 15th, 2024


Bulletin: WRF Asian Championships 2024, Satluj Valley, Himachal Pradesh - India

Shaukat Sikand - President of the Indian Rafting Foundation | WhatsApp Contact: +91 9810857600





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