As already confirmed this year promises to be a standout year with the eagerly awaited Continental Championships. The series will serve as a platform for teams to assert their dominance and vie for recognition on the global stage. Among these highly anticipated events, the spotlight is undoubtedly on the upcoming Asian Rafting Championships 2024.





Mrs Mansi Thakur IAS will be the Overall incharge from the government of Himachal Pradesh; the championships is set to take place against the backdrop of breathtaking Himalayan landscapes, adding an extra layer of challenge and beauty to the competition. Rafters will navigate the tumultuous waters, showcasing their prowess in maneuvering through rapid currents and overcoming obstacles strategically placed along the course.


Indian rafting champs



As of February 20, 2024, the confirmed lineup for the Asian Rafting Championships includes formidable teams from Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Kazikasthan, and India. This diverse roster highlights the broad geographical representation and growing popularity of rafting across the continent. As these nations gear up for the competition, the stage is set for an intense showcase of talent and determination on the challenging rapids, making the championships a true celebration of Asia's rafting culture.


Sutlej 06


The anticipation surrounding the event is not limited to the participants alone. Fans, sponsors, and enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the showdown, ready to witness the spectacle of skill, endurance, and teamwork that defines competitive rafting. The championships are poised to captivate audiences, bringing the thrill of the sport to a global stage.

Get ready to ride the waves – the Asian Rafting Championships are right around the corner!



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