In the heart of Colombia, where rivers once symbolized division and conflict, a notable transformation has been underway for some time. "Remando por la Paz," a team formed after the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, thanks to this team the community keeps growing through a unique rafting school for children aged ten and up. Equipped with rafts, paddles, helmets, and life jackets, these young adventurers embarked on a journey of self-empowerment and community building with an ambitious goal: to launch an ecotourism project that showcases their region’s natural beauty and its new era.


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Jimmy Charry Rafting School - Colombia


"This river was once a frontier, a line that divided us, with guerrillas on one side and the army on the other. Today, it is a river that unites us, because we have navigated it together."


Click here to see few shots of the Jimmy Charry Rafting School:

The school, driven by the team’s vision, aims to promote river culture among children and adolescents while teaching the skills and sport of rafting. Despite the resurgence of conflict near the beloved Pato River, where armed clashes have returned after years of peace, the team remains committed to their mission. Their dedication has not gone unnoticed. In 2022, "Remando por la Paz" took third place at the National Rafting Championships in Santander, earning a spot at the World Rafting Championships in Sondrio, Italy in 2023. This year, they are set to represent Colombia at the Pan American Championships in Chile.


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WRF World Rafting Championships 2023, Valtellina - Italy


Now their efforts are threatened by the renewed conflict, putting their tourism and development project at risk. However, their resolve remains firm. The official statement from the community underscores their decision to trade rifles for paddles as a step towards new horizons, aiming for peace, reconciliation, environmental protection, and the creation of new opportunities and livelihoods.

In this challenging time, the World Rafting Federation (WRF) has called for solidarity, urging support for the continued growth of this inspiring movement. Their plea resonates globally: let not the efforts of "Remando por la Paz" be in vain, and let us all continue to #RemandoPorLaPaz.


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National Rafting Championships - Colombia


As these young rafters navigate the rapids, they carry with them the hope of a united and peaceful Colombia, proving that even the most turbulent waters can lead to a brighter future.

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