All the River Guides certified by WRF National Federations according to WRF Rules have to be in possession of the WRF online Membership card to enjoy the benefits of their status.

This card, that expires after 12 months, doesn't replace the national membership unless otherwise stipulated by your National Federation.

In order to get it, the River Guides have to register on the official WRF Platform

This registration through the platform will facilitate the management of the official records as well as the international mobility of the River Guides.

All the River Guides will have a universal profile that displays:

  • Personal Data

  • Total Events

  • Personal Biography

  • Schedule

  • Social Media updates


The registration procedure is very simple! 

This link ( will bring you to the "Membership Type" page:

Register membership types


River Guides membership type 


The procedure is the same for all the class (Class II, III, IV/A, National Instructor).



If you have already a WRF account, log in. Otherwise you can create a new one: you need just your email. You can also use Facebook account instead of an email address.

Athlete Registration procedure

 If you created a new account, a verification link will be sent to the email address that you provided. 

Verification Link

Check your mailbox and verify your email address by clicking the link inserted in the email verification.

Verification link 2

Fill the following form in and...

River Guide procedure

WRF River Guide License Number is the indentification number given by the National Federation (ex. TUR0001) 

Remember to indicate the National Federation that certified your level.


Click "Next" and go to the "Payment Page" in order to complete the proccess.

The cost of the annual license is 10 Euro: it is payable online through Stripe

When you complete the process, you are registered as "WRF River Guide" but the online card showing your class will not available until the National Federation verifies your statusIf you registered without having the necessary requirments, your profile will be deleted.




We protect your data! WRF and RSportz are GDPR Compliant. Users must agree to Terms of Use, we have custom waivers to be initialed when registering at any event / membership. Each user has the ability to decide what and where data is displayed throughout the platform for themselves or their children.


Information for National Federation

After every exam or course, the National Federation must assign the corrspondent level (II, III, IV/A or National Instructor) to the candidate.


The manager of the National Federation profile has to log the National Federation account in.

Go to "Members" page, search for the candiate by name and go on "Edit".

River Guide Level WRF Platform 1


"Achievment levels" and then "Edit".

River Guide Level WRF Platform 2


Select the level, click on "Add" and then "Done"

River Guide Level WRF Platform 3

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