WRF reveals the new Sport Rules

On the request of the Sport Department the new Sport Rules has been approved by the WRF Executive Board after 2 months of discussion involving the 3 WRF "disciplines". The involvement in the works of athletes, coaches and insiders has been essential.

The new Downriver, Slalom and RX rules will be applied for the first time in Kosovo at the World Cup of the next week (30 August-1 September).


Be young Be water is over

A special whitewater week is just finished in Aosta Valley: the river Dora Baltea, that hosted the World Junior and U23 World Championship 2018, welcommed U19 athletes from Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Serbia. Our young rafters arrived on 28th July in the Rafting Aventure Park in Villeneuve and spent 7 days enjoying the Alps, the river and the main attractions of the Valley thanks to the collaboration between WRF and the local Society CVA (Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque SPA).   The athletes first paddled in the lake, focusing on the paddling techniques, coordination and strategies between the teammates, throwing the rope and flipping the rafts, straight observed by WRF technicians and their coaches who had the opportunity to share rafting knowledges and experiences for a week.
Different sections and levels of the river has been run, from a swimming test in a flat water part of the Downriver 2018, through the Leverogne Gorges, to the 4th level rapids of the upper Dora Baltea, at the foot of the Mont Blanc.
River activities has been aternated with trekking in the lateral Valleys, adventure park and guided visits to Ancient Roman city of Aosta.
After a full immersion in Aosta Valley the athletes declared: "We are exausted but very happy about this week, we learned a lot and we are ready to show what we learned: hope to see you in Kosovo at the World Cup this month!"

The first worldwide Rafting Training Camp for young talents

Be young Be water is a worldwide rafting training camp organized thanks the collaboration between F.I.Raft, W.R.F. and the Italian Society CVA (Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque SPA).


From 28th July to 4th August 2019 Villeneuve (Aosta Valley, in the middle of the Western Alps), will host a Training Camp focused on young athletes (under 19, from 15 to 19 years) who will alternate river activities in the whitewater of Dora Baltea (management technique, operational safety exercises in the river, teamwork, sports leadership, operating methods and methodological exchanges between coaches of different countries for environmental education and water protection lessons,…) with trekking in the nature of the lateral valleys as well as visiting the Villeneuve hydroelectric power station and the main attractions of Aosta Valley (Bard Fortress and the Castles).

The number of places available is limited: 2 rafters per Nation, together with one coach, will be selected and registered by the National Federations and receive free room and board for a week near the 3rd/4th level river Dora Baltea, including the section that hosted the World Champs of the last year in the same period of flood.

For info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The First Lady has launched the Zero Waste Project in Tunceli

2 weeks after the World Championship 2019 in Tunceli, the local governor Tuncay Sonel confirms that the project Zero Waste, completely supported by the Turkish First Lady Emine Erdoğan, has been launched in Tunceli in collaboration with many institutions including the World Rafting Federation.

During the closing ceremony the Tunceli governor thanked the WRF President Danilo Barmaz and the Turkish Rafting Federation President Fikret Yardimci for the opportunity offered to the Munzur river.

The Zero Waste Programme is a strategic initiative to promote waste minimisation and pollution prevention projects in various sectors of the economy in Turkey and consists of four main components:

financing for waste minimisation projects, combining EBRD funds with concessional finance from the Clean Technology Fund, to support early movers in replicable investments currently hindered by market failures; free of charge technical support for project developers; policy dialogue to enable and mainstream the concept of waste minimisation in different economic sectors; raising awareness and knowledge sharing to promote best global practices.

The semi-artificial venue that hosted WRF races from 8th to 13th June, built at the beginning of this year, contributed to the reclamation of a great part of the Munzur river: 80 kms are now clean and navigable, "inaugurated" by national athletes of 17 countries during the WRF downriver.

World Rafting Championships are open!


"500 days ago representatives from 15 countries founded the WRF in Belgrade, rafting lovers with a dream who came together from all over the world in order to create a new movement and make this amazing sport grow. I can't believe that in less than 2 years we organized such a big event, so I have to thank Fikret Yardimci, the President of the Turkish Rafting Federation, and the Tunceli Governor for the big help that gave to the WRF board in the last months. We are working hard and the hundreds smiles of athletes, coaches, technicians, volunteers, organizers, judges and all of the local people here confirm me that it is worth it. Teşekkürler to everyone, teşekkürler Tunceli. Enjoy the World Rafting Championship".

With these words the WRF President Danilo Barmaz declared opened the World Rafting Championship Senior - Turkey 2019. During the Opening Ceremony every Nation has been officially welcomed and presented to the other 16 countries, surrounded by the excitement of the local people who saw the preparation of this event evolving in the last months in parallel with the building of the semi artificial Venue.

Tomorrow morning the Munzur river will be inaugurated by Danilo Barmaz, who invited the Governor to paddle with him, the heads of delegations and the athletes in the downriver section, including Fikret Yardimci: "A warm thank to the Governor of Tunceli City Tuncay Sonel for the help that the city of Tunceli is giving to our Sport, your support has been fundamental and this event is an important step that will guarantee the progressive developement of rafting in our country and an increasing visibility to this lovely city".


Brazil and Russia triumph in Tunceli


Brazil and Russia triumph at the Worlds titles. Chile and Italy make progress, but the revelation crew of 2019 is Kazakhstan.

On 11th June the Munzur river hosted the RX for women and men teams who paddled the Tunceli Venue on Time Trial rafts for the qualification in the morning.

In the women category the best 4 times had straight access to the quarter finals: Russia 1 with 64,74 seconds, Italy 1 with 67,13 seconds, Italy 2 with 68,17 seconds and Chile 1 with 70,27 seconds, while the other 8 teams started the knock out phase. The straight fights led Russia 1 and Italy 1 to the final A and Chile 1 and Turkey 1 to the final B. The bronze has been finally conquered by Tabata Araya, Nicole Plagemann, Camila Ortega, Yarela Munoz and Constanza Molina (Chile 1) while the dowriver winners from Russia confirmed the first position also in the RX discipline: Ekaterina Kozhanova, Valentina Kozhanova, Tamara Chugunova and Vera Malahova won the last run against the Italians Francesca Leonardi, Alessandra Massimino, Dorothea Oberhofer and Marianna Tedeschi who took the Silver medal.

In the men category the best 8 times of the morning qualification had straight access to the eight finals: Chile 1 (60,78 seconds), Brazil (60,80 seconds), Turkey 3 (61,71 seconds), Russia 2 (62,24 seconds), Kazakhstan 1 (62,87 sec), Slovakia 1 (63,19 seconds), Italy 2 (63,58 seconds), Italy 1 (63,73 seconds). After the knock out phase that lasted the whole evening Maxim Zimin, Almas Bekbolat, Vitaliy Drobizov, Aleksandr Salynoyy and Damir Savandykov (Kazakhstan 1) has been crowned the RX World Champions. The hosts team Turkey 1 and Turkey 2 took the second position (Fatih Ozkan, Yavuz Sleim Ozturk, Cihad Er, A. Dogukan Yldirim and Muhammet Hacibekiroglu) and the bronze medal (Ibrahim Kuk, Mert Alper Sari, Emre Yilmaz, Ahmet Umut Sargin and Doganay Cinar).

The mix category (2 men and 2 women) saw on RX podium the Gold of Russia 1, the Silver of the team composed of 2 Chilean women and 2 Brazilian men who raced under the WRF flag and the Bronze of Chile 1.

The 12th June has been the last race day: 2 manches through the 14 gates in the Venue (6 upstream and
8 green gates) gave the last 80, 90 and 100 points to the Slalom discipline winners. The bronze medal has been taken by Chile 1 in the men category (Matias De Ferrari, Lorenzo Gomez, Diego Venegas and the the Chilean Federation President Cristian Huenchuleo) and by Russia 2 in the women category (Aleksandra Bychkova, Ekaterina Klimkova, Nadezhda Zhiriakova and Aleksandra Vinokurova).

The second position went to Russia 2 men (Aleksey Shirokov, Vladimir Kazanksiy, Nikita Zhuravlev, Ilya Lukyatsev).

The gold slalom of Brazil crowned Thiago Saldanha Serra, Thiago Diniz Barne Ganeo, Willian Ferraz, Pedro Henrique Avansi Aversa and Fabio Ramos Lourencao the Over All men Champions with 240 points in total. With 6 points less than Brazil, Kazakhstan 1 conquered the Over All silver and Russia 2 took the Bronze.

The 3 golds in the Downriver, RX and Slalom guaranteed the title of undisputed Over All Women Champions to Russia 1, ahead of Italy 1 (270 points conquered with 3 silvers) and Chile 1.



Turkey 2019: rafters on your marks!


Günaydın World Rafting Champs!

23 men, 12 women and 13 mix teams from the whole World of Rafting woke up in Tunceli, surrounded by the limestone massif of Middle-East Anatolia, where the 3rd level river Munzur runs through green valleys under a clear sky, blue as the 10 degrees water.

Rafters from 3 continents arrived yesterdaty at Elazig Airport, flying thanks to the Official Event Partner Turkish Airlines that provided a discount to every National team participating: Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, France, Georgia, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine.

This morning rafters first paddled in the Venue, built last winter by the Turkish Rafting Federation, where Munzur river in flood flows through 2 semi artificial parallel sections, for Training and Race. The downriver has been tested in the afternoon by the teams, divided in 2 groups, and it is 4 kms long through grassy hills, 950 meters above the sea level.

Now athletes are waiting for the Parade and the Opening Ceremony that will be live at 20.30 on WRF YouTube Channel. Follow us!

Brazil and Russia take the downriver

Brazil and Russia are officially the first winners of the World Rafting Championship 2019!

The Tunceli downriver took place this morning in the upper section of the river where 3 teams every 6 minutes started the race from the natural upper section and paddled for half an hour in the rocky bends of Munzur until the finishline under the bridge near the Tunceli centre, where the Brazilian team composed by Thiago Saldanha Serra, Thiago Diniz Barne Ganeo, Willian Ferraz, Pedro Henrique Avansi Aversa and Fabio Ramos Louren stopped the chronometer after 23:02 minutes from the start. The downriver took 23:17 minutes to the second team, the Chileans Matias de Ferrari, Lorenzo Gomez, Diego Venegas and Christian Huenchuleo and the bronze medal goes to Italy, the last year U19 World Champions: Pietro Fratton, Zeno Martini, Fabio Martini and Lorenzo Mastella.

The gold medal of Woman has been conquered by Ekaterina Kozhanova, Valentina Kozhanova, Tamara Chugunova and Vera Malahova from Russia with 23:53 minutes, more than one minute less than Italy: Francesca Leonardi, Alessandra Massimino, Dorothea Oberhofer and Marianna Tedeschi took the second place paddling for exactly 25:00 minutes, with a final gap of 15 seconds to Tabata Araya, Nicole Plagemann, Camila Ortega, Yarela Munoz and Costanza Molina from Chile, 25:15, third place.

The last group of rafts was composed by Presidents of the National Federations and Head of Delegations: Danilo Barmaz, Fikret Yardimci, Christian Huenchuleo from Chile, Massimo Desiati from Brazil, Hadi Ghaziasgar from Iran, Rasto Zboril from Slovenia, David Katsarava from Georgia, the Indian delegation, Massimiliano Manfredi from Italy, Didier Lafay and Bruno Carlier from France who paddled with Tuncay Sonel, the Tunceli Governor, introducing him to our beautiful sport and showing him Tunceli city and Munzur valley from the natural point of view of the World of Rafting.

Eyes on Tunceli: the Worlds are getting closer

The countdown started months ago and now it marks 12 days to the WRF Senior World Championship, Turkey 2019.

Albania, Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Georgia, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine: athletes from 18 countries are training during the last rafting sessions in their well known rivers while the whitewater of Munzur, in eastern Anatolia, is waiting for them to be discovered and explored. 

On 8th June more than 50 Senior women, men and mix teams will arrive in Turkey and local authorities with the WRF board will welcome them to Tunceli, where the accomodation is offered by the Turkish Rafting Federation.

During the following day teams will train and study the 3rd level downriver (race on 10th June) and the new artificial venue for the new format RX, that is taking place all around the Rafting World (11th), and the slalom (12th). At the end of every competition day the World Champions 2019 will be crowned by the WRF, who thanks every National Federation for the support and the participation, the Turkish Minister of Sports, IOC members and local authorities in the presence of Fikret Yardimci, Turkish Rafting Federation President.

In these days the delegation of every Nation will have the opportunity to share Rafting knowledge and experience in order to grow personally with the worldwide movement, from the athletes, to the Federations members and to judges who will attend the international workshop from 6th June.

The organization is ready, the Munzur river is in flood and rafters who are now paddling in different continents and never met each other will be paddling togethver in 2 weeks in the same water, sharing the same passion surrounded by grassy valleys and forested hills in a natural breathtaking scenario.


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