Argentina opened the 2020 sport season: Panamerican Rafting Cup results

The WRF agonistic season is open! Argentina hosted the first event of the 2020 sport season: 16 teams participated in the PanAmerican 2019-2020 Rafting Cup held on 16th, 17th and 18th November, concurrently the National Kayak Championships. 

Torrentes team from Argentina won the gold with the home court advantage in the U23 Men Category, home called Ruka Choroy and Aluminé rivers (both 3rd/4rd level): Tomas Ermocida, Franco Zapata, Gaston Magaña, Arian Torres and Tomas Capelari.

The Open Men, Oper Women and Mix Category were taken by the one week old National Champions of Chile: Araucanos (Christian Huenchuleo, Matias De Ferrari, Anand Heredia Valdes and Lorenzo Gomez), Loicas (Nicole Plagemann, Tabata Araya, Yarela Munoz, Cony Molina and Camila Ortega) and Galacticos (Nicole Plagemann, Yarela Munoz, Christian Huenchuleo and Matias De Ferrari), selected at the beginning of November, seem ready for the 2020 season, especially for the Continental Championships that their country will organise next season.

Now it’s time to train, because the countdown to the Continental Champs is already started and Solkan 2020 is waiting for you all.

Continental Champs: Himachal Pradesh, India 2020

Yesterday, on 13th November 2019 the WRF President Danilo Barmaz and the Indian Rafting Federation President Shaukat Sikand, in presence of the WRF General Secretary Matteo Benciolini, signed the agreement that officially designated India as the host organizer of WRF 2020 Asian Rafting Championship. 

From 7 to 11 October 2020 the small town of Manali, in the Himachal Pradesh state, will welcome the Senior national teams of Asia for the Continental title. The Beas river will be in flood after the summer rain, guaranteeing a 3rd/4rd level of whitewater, that in autumn runs fast down the green Kullu valley. 

Shaukat Pal Singh Sikand discovered rafting in December 1984, paddling on Gange during a historical expedition on the Indian sacred river. Since then he travelled around the world, starting from Oregon (USA), becoming the first Indian to be certified as a rafter, on Rouge river, to more than 50 countries visited exploring and competing in whitewater. Mr Sikand took part to a National Geographic project in South America and since 2017 is the Race Coordinator and Director of Expedition India, an adventure racing that challenges athletes from all over the world including mountain biking, trekking, rafting, rope work and orienteering. He is now the experienced President of the Indian Rafting Federation and is already working hard for a great whitewater event, in October 2020.

Vamos Chile! National Champs on Rio Teno

Vamos Chile! Yesterday was the first day of the National Championship at Los Quenes, Romeral, in the Maule Region, concurrently the Los Quenes River Fest: from 7 to 10 November the whitewater of Rìo Teno is selecting the rafters who will carry the flag of Chile in the 2020 international agonistic season.

The Silver team at the last WRF World Champs in Tunceli confirmed the National Gold in the Sprint, Men category: 1.19,75 seconds for Araucanos Rafting team formed by Christian Huenchuleo, Matias De Ferrari, Anand Heredia Valdes and Lorenzo Gomez.

1.25,60 for Chilean Adventures (second place) and 1.26,38 for Tricahue team (bronze).

With a gap of 2 seconds to Raitrai Team, Las Loicas team posted the best time of 1.31,87 in the Women category: Nicole Plagemann, Tabata Araya, Cony Molina, Yarela Munoz and Camila Ortega.

The unexpected and surprising best time overall of 1.18,28 seconds has been registered by Los Galacticos, the first Mix Team: Christian Huenchuleo, Matias De Ferrari, Yarela Munoz and Nicole Plagemann.

After the Sprint phase, the knock out confirmed Araucanos (men), Loicas (women) and Los Galacticos (Mix) the RX National Champions.

The athletes on the First step of the podium didn’t change for the second discipline in Rìo Teno that crowned Araucanos and Loicas also in the Slalom.

The Downriver is starting tomorrow, whose faces from Chile will we see at the 2020 WRF events? Stay tuned to read the names of the Overall Champions!

Always Moving Forward!

The World Champs of Para-Rafting are over: the RX discipline decided the first Overall Champions in history.

Iarysh Denis, Potanin Viktor (RUS), Salvatore Cutaia (ITA) and Igor Bondar (UKR) confirmed the 1st place in the Amputee category: the 120 points of RX gold guaranteed to them the Overall victory in the final against the Italians Giandinoto Massimo, Montagna Marco, Novella Riccardo and Sperandini Rosario (1.30-1.32.77 seconds).

The Open Category's RX final B was taken by Plotnikov Dmitry (RUS), Pavlovic Andjela, Ivanovic Marina (SRB) and Bedokurov Gled (UKR) (Bronze Overall). The final A confirmed the Overall results: gold for Romanenko Oleg, Konovalov Denis, Galdin Andrei (RUS) and Chemeris Yuriy (UKR); silver for Burakov Eduard (RUS), Ivanovic Marco, Ilic Milos (SRB) and Markovsky Illy (UKR).

Giandinoto Massimo, Sperandini Rosario (ITA), Konovalov Denis and Galdin Andrei (RUS) are the Overall Champions of the Mix category, winning the 3 different disciplines. The only two girls of the competition (Pavlovic Andjela and Ivanovic Marina) are on the second step of the podium (RX and Overall) with Iarysh Denis and Potanin Viktor (RUS). The RX bronze confirmed the Overall 3rd place for Novella Riccardo, Montagna Marco (ITA), Ivanovic Marco and Ilic Milos (SRB) who won the final B against Salvatore Cutaia (ITA), Igor Bondar, Markovsky Illy and Bedokurov Gleb (UKR).

Most of the athletes are competitors in other sports.

"My left foot has been amputated when I was 9" explains Massimo Giandinoto (winner of the Mix Category) "and since then I have been considering every day of my life as a challenge. At 26 years old I started running and filling my days with sport (He is a 100m and 200m athlete). 3, then 4, then 5 days a week until, training every day, I won the Italian title of 60m and 200m dashes. I first tried Rafting for fun but then the same happened: wearing the National flag is a dream come true; doing it with a team is something unique, paddling together literally in the same boat is priceless."

"And it is only the beginning" declares the WRF President Danilo Barmaz "These athletes are THE example of what "Always moving forward" means. A warm thanks to every person who paddled on Dnieper river and has been a part of this historic race, directed by the judges Mr Vladmir Petukhov from Russia and the WRF Vice-President Boris Purjakov".

It is definitely the beginning for the deaf team from Serbia: Andjela Pavlovic writes "Last July we first paddled in a river, we trained for 2 months and competed in Zubin Potok at the World Cup and we are happy about the results here. We are a volleyball team and we often participate in international tournment: now we train out of the water focusing on a match in Poland on 26 October, but we are looking forward to see what Rafting will show us."

The race is about to begin in Kiev - Stay Tuned with #WorldRafting!

For the first time in Rafting history Para-athletes are ready to compete at the World Championship next weekend. 

Tomorrow, one year after the test event in Ukraine, rafters from Armenia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia will fly to Kiev and paddle the WRF disciplines on the Dnieper river: Downriver, Slalom and RX . 

The WRF Para-Rafting Worlds begins on Dnieper on Friday, October 11.

“The crews must be numerically composed of 4 athletes” told Oleksandr Bakanychev, President of the WRF Para-Rafting Commission, “in the R4 LTA (LTA means Amputee, Class 3: legs, torso, arms can work) the team must be composed of 4 LTA Amputee Athletes, whereas in the R4 OC category the crew must be composed of 2 disabled athletes and 2 able-bodied athletes”.

OC means “Open category” and the eligible Impairments: 

•Visual Impairment Class B3

•Hearing Impairment (Deaf athletes)

•Down Syndrome

Gates on Dnieper river: Para-Rafting Slalom in Kiev

Slalom day!

8 gates in the center of Kiev selected the first Slalom Para-Rafting World Champions this afternoon. 12 teams paddled through 8 downstream and 4 upstream gates for two manches in Dnieper river.

Precious seconds depended on penalties arising from the red upstream gates: no team missed any gate (that would add a 50 seconds penalty) but the 5 seconds penality concerning the touch of a gate changed some positions in the provisional general results.

100 points to Italy, Russia-Kazakhstan and Russia-Serbia who took the gold in the three Paralympic categories:


Amputee: Giandinoto Massimo, Sperandini Rosario, Montagna Marco and Novella Riccardo. 3.03.19 seconds.


Open: Romanenko Oleg, Konovalov Denis, Galdin Andrey (Rus) and Baranov Egeo (Kaz). 3.23.96 seconds.


Mix: Potanin Victor, Iarysh Denis, Romanenko Oleg and Plotnikov Dmitrii (Rus) 2.53.21 seconds, the one and only team under 3 minutes.


Tomorrow is the last race day and the teams will paddle for the last 120 points that will determinate the first Over-All Para-Rafting World Champions.

Results from the World Rafting Cup in Zubin Potok!

24 teams took part to the WRF Senior World Cup in Serbia (Zubin Potok) the first weekend of September.

On Saturday morning Italy (65.23 sec), Croatia (68.67 sec) and Bulgaria (69.80 sec) dominated the men sprint going straight to the RX quarter finals, but during the knock out phase of RX the provisional podium changed: Bulgaria took the gold in the final against Italy, while the bronze medal went to Croatia.

The women podium saw Italy in the first and second positions (that scored 120 and 108 points), while the third place was conquered by Bulgaria (96 points).

Out of the 7 mix teams the podium of the mix category has been taken by 3 Italian teams.

On Saturday evening the semi artificial channel enlightened the 2 manches of Slalom: in the men category Italy won with 1 penality (186,96 sec), second place for Bulgaria with no touches (214,19 sec) and Croatia with 1 touch of a red gate (223,67 sec) confirmed the bronze.

In the women category Italy took the first 2 places on the podium with 5 seconds penality per team (232,08 sec and 238,75 sec) and Bulgaria (with 60 seconds penality) closed the podium.

On Sunday morning the downriver started in the upper part of the Ibar river and saw the teams paddling for 5 Kms through forks before islands and small rapids.

Downriver brought Italy with 20.50.73 sec, Croatia with 21.19.98 sec and Italy 2 with 21.34.63 sec to the men’s podium. The women podium saw Italy in the first 2 positions (21.36.17 sec and 22.06.21 sec) and Bulgaria with 23.26.58 sec on the third step.

During the medal ceremony, in the Sport Centre of Zubin Potok, local authorities, Boris Purjakov (President of the Serbian Rafting Federation) and Danilo Barmaz (WRF President) rewarded the podiums with discipline’s cups and overall medals.

In the final ranking 288 points guaranteed the men’s gold to Italy, followed by the RX winner Bulgaria (270 points) and Croatia with (248 points)

The 2 Italian women teams took the final gold and silver medals, bronze to the young team from Bulgaria.

Here we are for the Kosovo World Rafting Cup

First day of the WRF Senior World Cup in Zubin Potok: teams from Serbia, Croatia, Italy and Bulgaria arrived this morning in the North Kosovo, in the Mitrovica district, ready for the first day of training.

Teams are hosted on the beautiful Gazivoda lake, near Ibar river.

At 3.00 pm official training will start - stay tuned on our social pages for more!


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