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The WRF launched its Development Programme in June 2018. The plan is to increase the popularity of rafting generally, the number of the affiliated National Federations to the WRF and to facilitate the participation of WRF Members to WRF Events.

The Development Programme focuses mainly on progressing the standard of the athletes and coaches. Developing and financially weak National Federations are also supported with participation in main events and training camps alongside supporting equipment supplementation.

WRF Development Programme
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The aim of the Training Programme is to implement a federal worldwide system based on the competences and knowledges of the different levels of river rafting guides and coaches.

Bearing in mind that the Council of the European Union’s Recommendations on promotinghealth-enhancing physical activity across sectors show that the sport sector is an employment- intensive growing industry and can contribute to addressing youth unemployment, this Training Programme represents a tool for facilitating young people's access to the labour market and implement the dual career goal for the paddle sport athletes.


WRF Technical Rules for River Guide and Coach
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WRF Training Programme for River Guide and Coach
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WRF Communication River Signals
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WRF Training Programme - Oars Guiding Considerations
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In September 2013 the Expert Group "Good Governance" (XG GG) produced the "Principles of Good Governance in Sport". In accordance with the mandate deriving from the Council Resolution on the European Work Plan for Sport (2014-2017), a second Expert Group on Good Governance was established to consider four issues in more detail. One of these was: "Guiding principles relating to democracy, human rights and labour rights, in particular in the context of the awarding procedure of major sport events, possibly followed by a pledge board".

EU Expert Group on Good Governance
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Event Requirements

The information contained in the Technical requirements will assist the Lost Organising Committee (LOC) to deliver high quality Rafting events. Publishing a comprehensive set of organising requirements and guidelines and providing appropriate experienced support when required will assist in maintaining the highest possible standards for the Competitors, Team Officials, Media and spectators.

These documents do not attempt to cover in detail every aspect of staging an Event, however certain elements are common to all competitions and these are covered in some detail in these documents.

WRF Competitions must be conducted in accordance with the WRF statutes and the WRF Sport Rules. The documented requirements need to be implemented in conjunction with the requirements outlined in the Host Agreement and the WRF Competition General Requirements (Protocol, Doping Control etc) available from WRF website.

Disclaimer: the WRF Logo is a property of WRF. The logo can be downloaded and used only by WRF members or by other entities for specific purposes when authorised by GAISF

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World Rafting Brand Book
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