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The WRF Pan-American Council was founded for the administration, development and furtherance of rafting competition in Pan-American continent. The aim of the Council is the spreading of rafting sport throughout Pan-America, supporting closer co-operation among the Pan-American National Federations; in particular to coordinate the Pan-American of Events and to establish Pan-American Championships, to promote technical exchanges among the Member Federations including the organisation of International Seminars for coaches, to coordinate the actions of mass-media and sponsors; to promote rafting touring and help to protect the nature and environment; to maintain existing levels of access to rivers, lakes and waterways etc. and wherever possible to increase access to the above; to influence from the rafting standpoint any alterations to rivers, lakes and waterways e.g. weir constructions dams etc., to influence the setting of standards for safety in the sport of rafting and to implement the WRF Training Programme for River Guide & Coach.
The Founder Members of the WRF Pan-American Council are Federación Argentina de Canoas, Brazilian Rafting Association, Federación Chilena de Rafting, Federación Costaricense de Rafting, Federación Venezolana de Canotaje. The first Congress will be held in November 2019.

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2020 PAC Pan-American Championship - Aluminé & Villa Pehuenia

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